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Why does Mondays feel like this?

This simple animation tells a simple tale of gladiatorial combat – with a twist.

A man finds himself thrown into combat against a mysterious other figures. In a battle to the death, two stories emerge.

A bit of a Tron look with a Star Wars feel. Created by Allan and Richard Duan.


The tune is a hypnotic electronic down-beat cruiser by Lorn, aka Marcos Ortega.

The year 2100. In an effort to combat overpopulation, the postmortem social network “Anvil” is released.

The video carries a certain elegance in the flow of it. Possibly from the way that, using only three colors, the scenes are filled and complex and easily morph through the story.

Animation by Antoine Caëcke and Hélène Jeudy.

Three Little Pigs – Green Jelly

I’m an old-school metal-head and grew up on Sabbath, Zepp, Rush, and the like, and this tune is right there. That it is an adult satire of a children’s tale by a band that can laugh at itself turns it up to 11.

Rocketh on, verily.



Another short from the incomparable National Film Board of Canada and the animation legend Bretislav Pojar.

Bretislav Pojar’s animated short explores the human phenomenon of resorting to violence over reason. […] Winner of the 1973 Grand Prix du Festival for Short Film at the International Film Festival in Cannes.

Alien Flipbook

A quick one today.

This is the simplest form of animation, the precursor to it all. That said, this short shows a sophisticated version of the art to celebrate 40 years of the Alien franchise.

Which reminds me – it’s about time I did a rewatch of the series…

The Abyss (Abismo)

In the Box (V Kocke)

It’s Monday. This short seems appropriate.

A character tries to out-think the box.

This is stop-motion animation at it’s finest. The simple loose-jointed manikin is expressive and exudes concentration and exasperation trying to solve the puzzle. Even the background, the smooth grey walls and the light, are characters.

This short reminds me a lot of Balance, an Oscar winning short in 1989. Some for the character(s) and setting style, but more for the eloquence of movement in reacting to the environment.

Written and directed by Michal Struss.

Personal Jesus

She Wants Me Dead

Next Flight Home

A short film about discovering the things that make life worth living. A pigeon meets a dove and faces the decision on whether or not to leave the life he has built for himself in favor of following his heart.

The bird models are great! What more can I say? A classic pigeon-meets-dove, pigeon-loses-dove, pigeon-finds-dove love story played by characters that make me giggle. (yes, giggle. i’m not too proud to admit it)

Created by Jake Wegesin, music by Jordan Ruiz

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