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Sailor’s Delight

A Mermaid, that appears to have some Electric Eel in her ancestry and possibly some Siren, vamps a pair of sailors on a fishing boat – or rather tries to vamp them…

Another great story from the students at ESMA. Directed by Louise Aubertin, Eloïse Girard, Marine Meneyrol, Jonas Ritter, Loucas Rongeart, and Amandine Thomoux.


At Home with Mrs Hen

A National Film Board of Canada classic and good short to start the year with. A reminder that sometimes you need to just take a moment out of the fray. Written and animated by Tali

[A] comical tale that pokes fun at motherhood. It depicts the temper tantrums of a child and the efforts a mother makes to set her son on the right path. You don’t need to be a chicken to relate.

Game Changer

I’ve posted several films by Ringling College of Arts + Design students over the years. The animation is good; lighting, models, background detail, all excellent, as they should be. But it’s the stories that consistently make Ringling films shine. This is another wonderful little tale.

A macho toy arcade prize is quick to judge a young girl who wants to win him, and goes on a life changing journey in attempt to stop her from winning enough tickets and taking him home.

A Film by Aviv Mano. Original Score by Garth Neustadter



A fine film for a Friday Night Music Video. This slick track has echos of Bowie that well compliments animation that has echos of Moebius.

It is a stylish tale of synergy – rather extreme synergy. The youtube comments offer some quite imaginative hypotheses on the story’s characters and meaning, but I’ll leave it for you to decide that for yourself. Otherwise, just enjoy a great music video.

Harry – Haoran Zhou

A beautifully styled tale that spans a lifetime. One of those films that offers a different meaning each time you watch.

One day, a group of blue fish flying over the town, since then the boy began a lifetime waiting. Tall buildings grew around the town and he also gradually used up in the Circular work, However , those flying fishes never come back. Finally , In the snow, he met them again in a special way.

Graduation film by Harry Zhou at Kongji University College of Arts and Media.

Parigot – Loic Bramoulle

Nutty Christmas

Harmonic Voltage – Animusic

Planet Unknown – Shawn Wang


Deep in the harsh and dreary countryside, a boy’s world crumbles around him. Grief, sorrow and rage torment the boy’s heart without mercy. The boy journeys to the limits of his world in a desperate attempt to stop the inescapable beast that stand between him and his flesh and blood.

This haunting little film packs a lot in for me and seems to leave room for a wide spectrum of interpretations. From the talented folks at The Animation Workshop.

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