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Tout Conte Fait – ESMA

The royal couple can’t seem to get their Princess daughter married off so they come up with a plan…

From the talented students at ESMA (École Supérieure des Métiers Artistique), Toulouse, France.

Directed by Sandy Bienvenut, Alexandra Condoure, Vincent Dromart, Nicolas Quinssac, and Mathieu Ringot.


Adult Hair – ESMA

A hairdresser is tasked with giving the wife of the local gendarme a stylish ‘do while staying on the right side of the straight-laced-and-arrowed law man.

From the talented folks at ESMA. Animation by Florian Boury, Gautier Froehly, Manon Hirat, Matthieu Paugam, Cindy Redon, and David Varsi.

In Memoriam – ESMA

As a watchmaker is near finishing a clockwork diorama of his fondest memory, an old and tattered mime doll comes to life.

Another wonderful film from the very talented students at ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques) in France. Animated by Valentin Gueu, Romain Maleyrot, Jérôme Oudot, and Shirley Pons.

Origami – ESMA

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