The Ruffled Crow

Animation, Art, and Other Shiny Things

Charmeurs de Verre

ESMA is another college whose students consistently put out high quality and award-winning animations. Based in France and, as of 2018, Montreal, Canada.

This is an allegory of creation, that tenuous connection between muse and man, and the struggle to create. Here, the man and muse keep trying and failing until, finally, one of their creations takes bloom. I’ve felt the disappointment of malformed art that you just can’t shape right no matter how hard you try. I’ve also felt ‘the flow’ – that timeless place where the ideas and words are all there and jump and dance into perfect sentences and fluid stories. This felt like that.

Directed by Julien Baëza, Thaïs Beaussé, Jean-François Loisel, Virgile Moreau, Céline Pantalouf, and Justine Pascal


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