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Super Fridge – Maca and Roni

Yet another adventure from the hapless assistants of Doctor Albert. In this short tale the pair are afflicted with a broken air conditioner in a sweltering lab. Fortunately, as Dr Albert is a brilliant scientist there must be something laying around that can help…

Animated by Kyungmin Woo.

Maca and Roni – Super Glue

Maca and Roni – Cleaning

This little toon reminds me a lot of Pixar’s Minions – probably why I like it so much! Maca and Roni are henchme… uh, henchpeop… er, assistants of one Doctor Albert. I suspect that, without their laboratory garb they would be a cat and a penguin, so one must give the good (or is he bad? hmmm…) Doctor credit for equal opportunity employment.

When Dr. Albert returns from vacation, Maca and Roni need to do a bit of cleaning. Fast!

Film by Kyungmin Woo (who also did Johnny Express)

JohnnyExpress – Alfred Imageworks

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