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Starship Groove – Animusic 2

I’ve loved the Animusic videos since I first saw them years ago. The technology is a kind of reversal on music animation in that rather than creating the animation to fit the music, the music itself creates the animation.

Wayne Lytle, a composer of progressive rock music and computer scientist, has been creating these incredible music videos since 1995 and, with David Crognale, released the first Animusic video in 2001.

This is the first track from Animusic 2 and serves as notice that the animation is a big step up from the first Animusic video album.

Harmonic Voltage – Animusic

Pogo Sticks – Animusic 2

I’ve been an Animusic fan since they released their first compilation in 2001. I wore out the vhs tape and almost a second one before finally getting a dvd. Animusic 2 raised the bar even further. This track is a great example of just how enjoyable Animusic is.

Unfortunately it looks like Animusic 3 won’t get made, despite a funded Kickstarter a few years back. We can only hope someone picks it up.

Check out the original Pipe Dream video.

Animusic – Pipe Dream

In 2001 Animusic, founded by Wayne Lytle, released it’s first compilation DVD. This was a refinement of the work we saw in More Bells and Whistles. What Mr Lytle had done was flip animation on it’s head by creating computer models then using music input (MIDI) to control them. Basically, he made the instruments and the music played them.

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