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Welcome Home

Bendy, the dancing demon, stars in this animated musical welcoming Henry home to one hell of a show. I’ve found several music videos featuring Bendy and other characters from the horror/puzzle game Bendy and the Ink Machine, but I like this one the best.

Animation by SquigglyDigg, arrangement and music by Gabe Castro.


Wood – The Dead Pirates

I like this video a lot – a snappy song and a 3D treatment of semi-retro style animation. I think I’ll be looking for more Dead Pirates music if this is any indication of their usual.

The animation was done by Mcbess & Simon

The Rifle’s Spiral – The Shins



A fine film for a Friday Night Music Video. This slick track has echos of Bowie that well compliments animation that has echos of Moebius.

It is a stylish tale of synergy – rather extreme synergy. The youtube comments offer some quite imaginative hypotheses on the story’s characters and meaning, but I’ll leave it for you to decide that for yourself. Otherwise, just enjoy a great music video.

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