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Another You

Smooth, sensuous, and slightly psychedelic makes this old-school soul track by Breakbot an instant favorite of mine. The animation goes with the flow and makes it a perfect addition to the day-late FNMV collection.

Breakbot and Ruckazoid merge, creating Breakazoid, a cosmic pimp, who distributes his love to humans by taking them across the galaxy on the planet love.

Directed and animated by Olivier Lescot.

The Wolf – SIAMÉS

I really like this 2-plus-1 color animation – simple, stylish, brutal. While I suppose it could be a sort of love story, everything about it shouts addiction to me. A song I know all too well. The eyes floating out of his drink, the wolves chasing – it all resonates.

Whatever the story, it’s great animation and a a catchy tune by Siames and perfect for a Friday night music video.


The Patient – Tool

All Hell is Breaking Loose

Disciples of Funk

While I admit that only part of this day-late-bonus-FNMV is animated, in it’s defense, it is Bootsy, so the live action parts are closely related enough to qualify.

Bootsy Collins is a bassist and a veteran of both James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic. This tune is with Bootsy’s Rubber Band. I’ve always had a taste for heavy funk and he knew how to bring it. Drop some Johnny Guitar Watson and Ohio Players into the playlist and I’m set.

In 1976 Collins, Catfish, Waddy, Joel Johnson (1953-2018), Gary “Mudbone” Cooper, Robert Johnson and The Horny Horns formed Bootsy’s Rubber Band, a separate touring unit of Clinton’s P-Funk collective. The group recorded five albums together, the first three of which are often considered to be among the quintessential P-Funk recordings. via


Sound of Silence

Another day-after-FNMV (friday night music video) and another animation test from Fennah, this time featuring Ludwig as the performer. Yes, I’m still partial to Shuck, but this guy is pretty badass. I’m really liking these character models.

The story behind Fennah’s characters is, well, an extensive story, and comes with several episodes of a webshow, Satellite City, with a cast from an alternate dimension. Sam Fennah has also put together a pretty deep and detailed backstory on the characters.

Starship Groove – Animusic 2

I’ve loved the Animusic videos since I first saw them years ago. The technology is a kind of reversal on music animation in that rather than creating the animation to fit the music, the music itself creates the animation.

Wayne Lytle, a composer of progressive rock music and computer scientist, has been creating these incredible music videos since 1995 and, with David Crognale, released the first Animusic video in 2001.

This is the first track from Animusic 2 and serves as notice that the animation is a big step up from the first Animusic video album.

Free To Roam – Giangrande


A great tune by Delta Heavy and brilliant Friday night music video.

An alternate title to the video could be Clippy’s Revenge as it skewers not only the parade of personal digital assistants, but computer and web culture itself. Admittedly, I experienced a bit of nostalgia seeing the old W95/98 screen savers go by.

Directed by Chris Bristow and produced by BlinkInk.

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