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The Gas Clock – Mattias Gordon


Tonight’s Friday Night music video adds some class to the place.

The Gas Clock is a fragment of Goethe’s tragedy where Faust and Mephisto travel in time and space, between the living and the dead, in a maze that they may never find their way out of.

Animated by Mattias Gordon of whom we are a fan! More of his well done animation here.

St Urn Tavern

For the unscheduled weekend music video this week I offer up a brassy folk tune with a tale to match and animated by one of our favorites at the crow’s nest.

Another otherworldly animation by Mattias Gordon. This one tells of a traveler that is served more spirits than the merely alcoholic ones. From the album Devil’s Tale by Adrian Raso and Balkan brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia.

Mocking Bird – Mattias Gordon

Moving Stone – Mattias Gordon

One of the nice things about long holiday weekends is that you don’t have to think – you can just kind of experience life as it goes by. Well, this video doesn’t give you a choice – you can’t think and you will experience it as it screams along. That’s not a bad thing but do hold on.

Animation by Mattias Gordon.

Music by Hazmat Modine.

Hazmat Modine describes itself as “blending elements of early Blues, Hokum Jugband, Swing, Klezmer, New Orleans R & B, and Jamaican Rocksteady” and I would say that this song hits every one of them on it’s meander.

And speaking of meander… This video does that too in an incredible stream-of-conciousness way. By the time I asked myself “What in the hell am I seeing?” I had already gotten absorbed by the blues-boppy tune.

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