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A good video for a Monday. It’s never a good move to pretend you’re someone you aren’t, and donning a halo, either literally (if possible) or figuratively (common) has its own unique issues.

While heaven is hosting an awesome party, cashier Dave is stuck working in the skies local convenience store. An angel from the party comes into the store to buy some more alcohol but he’s so drunk he forgets his halo, which Dave realizes he could steal and use to get into the party.

Directed by Chloe Parker and created by the students at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand

Sound of Silence

Another day-after-FNMV (friday night music video) and another animation test from Fennah, this time featuring Ludwig as the performer. Yes, I’m still partial to Shuck, but this guy is pretty badass. I’m really liking these character models.

The story behind Fennah’s characters is, well, an extensive story, and comes with several episodes of a webshow, Satellite City, with a cast from an alternate dimension. Sam Fennah has also put together a pretty deep and detailed backstory on the characters.

Starship Groove – Animusic 2

I’ve loved the Animusic videos since I first saw them years ago. The technology is a kind of reversal on music animation in that rather than creating the animation to fit the music, the music itself creates the animation.

Wayne Lytle, a composer of progressive rock music and computer scientist, has been creating these incredible music videos since 1995 and, with David Crognale, released the first Animusic video in 2001.

This is the first track from Animusic 2 and serves as notice that the animation is a big step up from the first Animusic video album.

Daisy Belle

Ice Pepper



With the beginning of Daylight Savings Time in many parts of the US I am sure I’m not alone in being a little tired and rather grumpy this Monday morning. For that reason I can get on board with a bit of random and indiscriminate mayhem. This short was written as a PC benchmark to test computer speed and abilities. While I’m sure it does that job well, it is also a good primer on the dangers inherent in two-cat households.

The main idea of the project was to develop an antithesis of other benchmark productions which are mostly boring and aesthetically weak. Michał Staniszewski from the demoscene Plastic group came to us with a draft of an interesting, action-filled story with a unique design and aesthetics that would be as close as possible to an animated movie on one hand and to a video game on the other.

A collaboration between Platige Image and Plastic Demoscene Group.

Free To Roam – Giangrande

Forest Dreams


Surrealistic and, appropriately, dreamy with a colorful, vibrant edge. Animated by artists Victoria Samoilova and Yaroslav Primachenko.

“We wanted to tell a story that happens on a misty night, when the world falls asleep. A story, which would be somehow dark, mystical and mysterious but at the same time would feel friendly and vibrant.”


Through hand-built sets, custom-painted action figures and over 90 hours of painstaking animation, “Indomation” is a whimsical tribute to the filmmakers and artists who brought us the Jurassic franchise – a series of films that has inspired countless artists and storytellers, myself included, from across the globe.

A man falls asleep while watching a Jurassic Park movie and wakes up to an escapee from the movie. Fun stop-motion animation done in a style that reminds that great little flicks can indeed be done on a shoestring.

Animated by Mason Drumm.

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