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Fast Film

Fast Film is an animated homage to motion pictures, hand-made by folding 65,000 print outs of film frames into three dimensional objects.

A woman is abducted and a man comes to her rescue, but during their escape they find themselves in the enemy’s secret headquarters. via

I love this short and see something new each time I watch it. How many of the movies can you name?

Animated by Virgil Widrich.



The British short Extn.21 has won multiple awards, deservedly so I would say. Directed by Lizzie Oxby, it is…

…a short film about one man’s desire to be heard. The film uses an innovative blend of atmospheric stop-frame animation, live action performance (a live action head on a stop-frame puppet) and digital effects to create a dark world of uncertain reality.


In the Box (V Kocke)

It’s Monday. This short seems appropriate.

A character tries to out-think the box.

This is stop-motion animation at it’s finest. The simple loose-jointed manikin is expressive and exudes concentration and exasperation trying to solve the puzzle. Even the background, the smooth grey walls and the light, are characters.

This short reminds me a lot of Balance, an Oscar winning short in 1989. Some for the character(s) and setting style, but more for the eloquence of movement in reacting to the environment.

Written and directed by Michal Struss.


Through hand-built sets, custom-painted action figures and over 90 hours of painstaking animation, “Indomation” is a whimsical tribute to the filmmakers and artists who brought us the Jurassic franchise – a series of films that has inspired countless artists and storytellers, myself included, from across the globe.

A man falls asleep while watching a Jurassic Park movie and wakes up to an escapee from the movie. Fun stop-motion animation done in a style that reminds that great little flicks can indeed be done on a shoestring.

Animated by Mason Drumm.

Oh My Dog!

I love the style of this stop-motion short. The story is great fun too!

Somewhere near the hall of Brétigny-sur-Bizet, in front of a raging crowd, the most outstanding dogs face each other to measure their talents and strengths. Among them is Sweetheart, encouraged by the best and most noisy crowd. Will he triumph in this hard competition?

Animated by Chloe Alliez.


Brett Foxwell takes us on a biologically sleek journey on a quest to evolve. At 18 minutes, it is longer than I usually post here, but this stop-motion film is visually exquisite to my eye and well worth the time.

After biological life has passed from existence, our machines try to restart it with the pieces we have left behind. On an anonymous assembly line, a creature is built from steel and bone and sent off. Making his way through an old world that is dying and a new world struggling to be born, he begins to sense that he may have a part to play in the evolution of his imperfect kind. This film was animated by one person over ten years in four different cities.  via

The Rifle’s Spiral – The Shins


A combination of stop-motion and cel animation, this short was nominated for an Academy Award in 1998.

More tells the story of an inventor who lives in a drab, colorless world. Day by day, he toils away in a harsh, dull, and dehumanizing job, his only savior being the memories of the bliss of childhood. But at night, he works secretly on an invention that could help him relive those memories and spread their joy to everyone in his despair-filled life.

When he finishes the invention, it changes the way people look at the world, but not the world itself. His success changes him, however, because he loses an important part of himself. via

Written and directed by Mark Osborne.

Quack Fat – Opiuo

Let’s start the weekend right.

Opiuo has been dominating my glitch-hop playlist lately. He has a good mix of swing, jazz and funk going on. So it was most excellent to find that the second glitch-hop animation I found was an official music video of his! From the album Meraki.

Directed and animated by Dropbear, it took 240 audio cassettes, 5,600 feet of video tape, 108 floppy discs and 1 retro walkman to make.

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