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Omega – Eva Franz and Andy Goralczyk

The mechanical life form Ohm inhabits a bleak and devastated planet. The thousands of mechanical creatures of this world share a single cycle of energy. In this cycle, Ohm is a rogue element. His nature is to devour and absorb others. When one day a gargantuan foreign object appears in the skies. Drawn in by mysterious creatures of light, the Ohm tracks them across the planet, changing the known order of matter, time and space. via

Blackchapel – Pierre Fernandez

The murders of a series of prostitutes are spreading terror in the neighborhood of Blackchapel! While Scotland Black’s investigation flounders, Jack the Ripper’s violent justice rules the streets… and Sherlock Holmes and Watson are called in to investigate. via

Directed by Pierre Fernandez. From the National Film Board of Canada/Cannes Short Film Corner 7th NFB Short film Online Contest.

My Strange Grandfather – Dina Velikovskaya

I had a wonderfully eccentric Grandmother. A short, fire-plug shaped woman who taught me how to use the local bus system. Most of the time, though, she herself walked. All over the north end of Seattle you could find her puttering along with her collapsible pull-basket which was often full of books. Sometimes she’d bring home flowers from her walks. Always a neighbor’s flowers, but she was careful so no one ever showed up at the door.

She taught me the power of omission. She was that kind of Grandma. The kind of grandparent I want to be, with a big dash of this grandfather…

Visit – Kangmin Kim

He visits a city. The city already forgot him. The city is still sinking in his dream. The flickering segments of real life and illusion. Only the lighthouse has his memory. But the memory will maybe vanish.

Stop motion animation with paper cut outs and paint on glass. Kangmin Kim also animated the well received short 38-39˚c.

This Is Where We Live

Flawed Symmetry of Prediction – Jeff Frost

Combining still and time-lapse photography with motion, music, and art, Frost reveals a world rarely seen. Rooted in science and the exploration of space, Frost’s work explodes with light, fire, and sound, utilizing 2D and 3D perspective, leading the viewer on a unique visual journey through worlds both real and imagined. via

The Maker – Christopher Kezelos

Les Astronautes

The End is a Beginning – Sean Pecknold

Dead All Along – Giles Timms

Enchanted by a pixie, a child called Yorick enters a magical kingdom, but when Yorick returns he finds his world ravaged by time.

The music video is set in a hand drawn pen and ink world inspired by Edward Gorey and animated in a cut-out style.

Music by Ceri Frost

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