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Blackchapel – Pierre Fernandez

The murders of a series of prostitutes are spreading terror in the neighborhood of Blackchapel! While Scotland Black’s investigation flounders, Jack the Ripper’s violent justice rules the streets… and Sherlock Holmes and Watson are called in to investigate. via

Directed by Pierre Fernandez. From the National Film Board of Canada/Cannes Short Film Corner 7th NFB Short film Online Contest.

4 responses to “Blackchapel – Pierre Fernandez

  1. ruffled crow March 24, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    I’ve picked up and put down Carnivale several times over the last few years. Not only does the cinematic style look like it would be great, but the allegorical/morality play aspect sounds like it would send me into some fun philosophical byways. The library’s got a copy of the series and will put it on reserve, a popular title.

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