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Creature From the Lake

Sacrees Nonnes

Pomposity doesn’t always live up to circumstance, and sometimes that slide into sin is quite the ride.

Two eccentric nuns arrive late at the Holy Mass and get expelled from the service. While doing a cleaning chore as punishment, they accidentally break a valuable liturgical object. Full of regrets, they try everything to repair their mistake, but nothing goes as expected.

A giggle-worthy short from Isart Digital.


A sharply sumptuous short evoking the cabaret sophistication of the 1920s.

Myrtille is desperately attracted to the the Cabaret’s Singer. One night, the power of a peculiar perfume gives her a chance to step out of the shadows…

From the folks at Isart Digital.

Hungry Zombie


Adam lost his beloved and his muse. To regain it he sets out to rebuild… First step, speed dating at his local cafe!

Animated by Galaad Alais, Benjamin Bourmier, Stephanie De Fortis, Amelie Gavard, Arnaud Lapeyre, Amelie N’Guekora, and Magali Vidal from Isart Digital.

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