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Space Bar

Idiot parking is universal. A fun little film with a story we can all relate to.

By Nicholas Hogan from the Vancouver Film School.


Attack of the Potato Clock

A Magnifying Mess

Illegal Move


On the Same Page


Alien Disrupts Marriage Proposal

Last Day of War

The animation style feels like it’s straight out of the pages of a Heavy Metal mag. It has a style rather reminiscent of Moebius or Bilal with a gritty, saturated, feel that conveys both bleak horrors and dawning hopes. Beautifully done with a well told story. By Dima Fedotov

It has been twenty years since the last Great War broke out. All people are dead, but automatons continue [to] obediently follow orders. On the computerized base, machines fuel and charge the weapons of [the] last surviving bomber as it prepares to drop bombs on a long dead enemy city.

Blind Spot

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