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The Abyss (Abismo)

Super Fridge – Maca and Roni

Yet another adventure from the hapless assistants of Doctor Albert. In this short tale the pair are afflicted with a broken air conditioner in a sweltering lab. Fortunately, as Dr Albert is a brilliant scientist there must be something laying around that can help…

Animated by Kyungmin Woo.


The only thing better than a proper comeuppance, is the unexpected opportunity to serve that proper comeuppance.

Directed by Mike Klim, Stanley Moore, Dominic Pallotta, and Mikey Sauls. The soundtrack was composed by Andy Brick and performed by the Filmharmonic of Prague. All of that took place with the help of Ringling College of Art + Design (a favorite around here.)


A poignant twist on the post-human story. Good animation and character design, great telling of a story.

A robot, far past expiration, roams a rural countryside waiting for his battery to die. After miles on an old service road, he discovers an old country house, boarded up and full of secrets

Directed and animated by Cailin Tamplin

The Smoke Seller (El Vendedor de humo)


The fish in the trees cause some consternation among a cave-dwelling tribe.

The animation is well-textured and the characters are well imagined. The story almost devastatingly told with a nuanced hand.

Animated by Jonatan Schwenk.


Odd flora, even odder fauna. Add to that their odd cacophony of life and you almost get an odd little tune – or at least snippets of odd little tunes. The imagination that was poured into this animation is great fun!

Animated by Max Mörtl and Robert Löbel via Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg (Short Film Agency Hamburg)


Twin Island

Yes, I have children. Yes, I love them. And yes, they could really screw thing up. Here is one such story…

Twin Island West and Twin Island East are two sister islands ruled by two Kings, where everyone and everything is submitted to the cult of Symmetry. Accordingly, everything there goes two by two – everything. But one day, the Queen of Twin Island West gives birth to one unique baby, to the King’s great despair!

From the students at Supinfocom at Taipei National University of the Arts.


I’m posting this as a Friday night music video (FNMV) rather than a straight up vid due to the soundtrack which is some killer glitch.

Animated and soundtracked by Sang Hyoun Han (aka DOMCAKE) and produced at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Excessive competition between countries has created a perfect artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has excellent learning ability, but they have no imagination ability. Therefore, A.I. plans to steal the human’s as imagination makes everything possible. But at the same time, A.I. concludes that it is a human error as the ability can limit people due to the over imaginative mind. It makes humans to be afraid of death and leads people to believe in God which becomes a religion. Thus, A.I. creates a new religion by combining the characteristics of all gods so that every single human being can worship. All that faith has become energy sources that gives a power to A.I. to absorb the imagination ability from humans. Finally, artificial intelligence becomes perfect. In the end, the excessive desire of man toward information and technology causes the destruction of a mankind.


Skhizein (Greek) – To split

This unusual little film follows a man who was hit by a 150-ton meteorite and shifted 91 cm to the left, or rather, he relates to the physical world 91 cm to his right. Needless to say, this isn’t an easy thing to adjust to.

Directed by Jeremy Clapin.

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