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The End

Crow: The Legend

This is a long piece, nearly 20 minutes, and well worth every moment watching it. The style and animation are geared toward younger audiences, and I think it’s a great way to pass along a Native-American legend.

While all NA tribes have Crow legends, the Rainbow Crow is from the Lenape tribe and recounts the story of the colorfully feathered Crow who’s beautiful voice filled the forest. When the winter spirit appeared and made the forest cold, the animals decided to send an emissary to ask Kijiamuh Ka’ong, the Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be, to think the forest warm again.

This short stars the voices of John Legend as Crow, and Oprah Winfrey as Kijiamuh Ka’ong, as well as other well-known actors. From Baobab Studios.

The Final Straw – Ricky Renna

Threadbare – Brett Underhill

Badgered – Sharon Colman

Meet the new blog, same as the old blog

(with apologies to The Who)

As I mentioned the other day I’ve been wanting to rename this blog (and me, for that matter) for quite a while. Well, I finally got around to figuring it out and making it happen.

Welcome to The Ruffled Crow.

Ruffled Crow - pastels by Mike Beeman. Visit him at

The new name is even more accurate than the previous. “But I digress” has certainly been a good term to describe my writing, it’s also the way I experience the world. Everything is distracting and I tend to wander down odd little paths of thought constantly. This causes a lot of noise in my head and, as a result, can be rather annoying to me, and sometimes others.

“The Ruffled Crow” is a much more specific characterization of me and how I feel most all the time.

A ruffled crow, in my experience, is a particularly uncomfortable bird.

By nature, crows are bright and expressive birds. They are known to be quite inquisitive and if something interests them they will peck and worry at it until they either break it, figure it out, or collect it. (pick any two or all three) A crow has no problem telling you what they think, especially when you annoy them, and just about everything annoys them.

I would imagine that anyone who has been around someone like me would recognize the signs of ADHD in just the short descriptions given above. Back in the 1960’s I was diagnosed as hyperactive and it was assumed I would grow out of it. Now days doctors understand that that is not always the case. I’m currently in the process of getting it dealt with finally (in ways other than ‘self-medication’) and I’ll likely write more about it and the depression that comes along with it in a later post.

So… Welcome, again, to this little corner of the intertubes. While I primarily focus on animation and art, anything that catches my crow-like sensitivities is fair game and I will undoubtedly write at length about it. (fortunately for you it’ll get edited down to near-readability before it’s posted. sometimes…)

I want to be sure to acknowledge, and thank profusely, PurpleEevee909 over at Deviant Art for my avatar. When researching ‘ruffled crow’ I came across the image and it cemented the decision on the name. It is most awesome and perfect.

Please feel free to comment on whatever I post – in fact I’d truly appreciate it if you would as it is one of those little things that make blogging worthwhile.

The End

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