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The Mind’s Eye – Creation

The Mind’s Eye: A Computer Animation Odyssey is a compilation of computer animated shorts set to an electronic music soundtrack. While it appears to be some pretty rudimentary computer work, back in 1990 when this was released, it was some seriously cutting-edge animation. I wore out several tapes and it solidified my love for animation and electronica.

Creation is the first chapter (of eight) from the video and begins the loose story of a world’s evolution.

Over the next few years a total of 4 Mind’s Eye videos were released (as well as a host of spin-off videos) with soundtracks composed and performed by the likes of Jan Hammer, Thomas Dolby, and Kerry Livgren (of the band Kansas). Although they’ve since been released on DVD, this first installment is still hard to find.

I’ll be posting the other seven videos from this first compilation, about one per week, and see if I can track down offerings from the rest of the Mind’s Eye series.

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