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Personal Jesus

Sound of Silence

Another day-after-FNMV (friday night music video) and another animation test from Fennah, this time featuring Ludwig as the performer. Yes, I’m still partial to Shuck, but this guy is pretty badass. I’m really liking these character models.

The story behind Fennah’s characters is, well, an extensive story, and comes with several episodes of a webshow, Satellite City, with a cast from an alternate dimension. Sam Fennah has also put together a pretty deep and detailed backstory on the characters.

Sweeney Todd

Yes, another day-late Friday night music video. Kinda. This is an animated model test and is not something I’d generally post, but I’ve been keeping half an eye on the development of Shuck (and other of Fennah‘s characters like Lucy Lacemaker, the pink and white uh, monster(?) singing Mrs Lovett’s part).

I mean, what’s not to love about Shuck? A black, toothy, spiny, incredibly deadly-looking, probably-a-demon that can sing opera?! You tell me that’s not star material!

Even if Shuck, or Lucy, or Winnifred don’t make it into whatever animated-opera-singing-demon Big Time there is out there, Fennah has created some brilliant models in my opinion, that have a very good grace and nuance of movement now and are only getting better.

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