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Jimmy’s Gang – Parov Stelar

Let’s add a little class to the joint, eh?

From Parov Stelar’s album The Princess.

Animation by Drushba Pankow.


Shoot Him Down by Alice Francis

Welcome to a long weekend with an Occasional Unscheduled Music Video (OUMV)! You’re gonna like this one.


A tune of mayhem from the album St James Ballroom.

Alice Francis, aka “Miss Flapperty”, was born in Romania and now lives in Cologne, Germany. While it sounds an awful lot like electro-swing, and has been remixed by the one-and-only Parov Stelar, Miss Francis prefers to call her style ‘Neo-Charleston’ due to her being influenced less by the current electro-swing artists and more by such greats as Django Reinhardt, Josephine Baker, and the unparalleled Miss Ella.

Suzy by Caravan Palace

Get Busy Living – Goldfish

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