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Hold Me – Delta Heavy

One should always beware of Laser Cats and the Little Girls that love them.

Video directed by Kristofer Ström. Animated by Kristofer Ström & Erik Buchholtz.


Ornithophobia – Emily Smith


For The Remainder

This is an incredible little piece of animation. Akin to bringing a minimalist painting into three-dimensional reality, Omer Ben David uses shading, few lines, and movement to suggest forms and describe the world.

The film sets the story of an old house cat who bids farewell to his home, his owner and the world he used to know. via

I have lived with several geriatric cats in my time and Mr Ben David does an excellent job on the cat’s movements. The cat getting up onto the back of the sofa gave me a twinge, and by the time the film was over I was missing every old cat I’d ever had.

Bastard the Cat and Friends: A Few from Nekomesha

I’m not generally a fan of this style of animation, but Nekomesha’s little twisted bits drew me in by animating conversations suspiciously like ones that go on in my head. (nsfw language)

You know that’s what your cat is saying…

When your teeth talk like this then it’s time to wash your mouth out…

I bet we all know one of these kinda kids…

More from Nekomesha

Maneki Neko, The Beckoning Cat

Gotoku-ji Cemetary watercolor by Mister Kha

The legends surrounding Maneki Neko are many and varied. The bones of the old narratives appear placeable in history, but much that wraps them have their roots in Japanese folklore and tradition. (as well as occasional, simple, voracity)

The legend I prefer takes place during a dark and stormy night at a monastery near Edo, Japan (now Tokyo) in the year 1615.

Gotoku-ji temple was very poor. The monk had barely enough food for himself and a cat he had taken in, Tama, but he made do, tending the monastery and following his path as best he could.

Ii Naotaka

Ii Naotaka

After splitting  a particularly meager meal, the monk said to Tama, “Your companionship means much to me, but I can not assure you a good meal. You should not starve with me, but find yourself a home worthy of your company.” The cat, of course, did not reply, but went to sit in a window of the temple as cats are wont to do.

Outside in the rain, Ii Naotaka, second son of Ii Naomasa, hereditary owner of Hikone Castle, was returning from the Battle of Tennōji. With the storm worsening, Ii Naotaka and his men took refuge beneath a tree. Looking around he saw the cat in the monastery window. It’s paw raised, the cat seemed to be beckoning the Daimyo to take shelter in the small temple. As he approached the monastery, lightening stabbed down and split the tree that he had just been standing beside. He surely would have been killed had he remained by the tree.

The urn purported to contain the ashes of Tama (Gotoku-ji Temple)

Welcomed in, Ii Naotaka found the old priest to be wise and kind and devoted to his path and his companion Tama. To repay the cat and priest for saving his life he became Gotoku-ji temple’s patron. When Tama died, the cat was given a place of honor in the temple cemetery, where many important members of the Ii family are also buried, and the first Maneki Neko statue was created in his memory.

Today, Gotoku-ji temple is still open for worship and attracts visitors from all over the world.

But the story of Maneki Neko is far from over. Read more of this post

HTTP Status Cats

You are reading this on a web page so the odds are near certain that you’ve seen a HTTP status page at some time of your browsing life. The dreaded “page not found” uh, page, is HTTP status 404. Basically, a HTTP status is a 3-digit number (depending on the error/info) that a web page ‘replies’ to requests from other web entities, which is often a web browser. There are probably a few hundred of them and we only actually see a few in our normal travels and travails on the intertubes.

It was inevitable that there would come a melding of cats and HTTP status codes. (is there anything a cat doesn’t make better?)

429 Too Many Requests

The following error is actually part of the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)

418 I Am a Teapot

"Any attempt to brew coffee with a teapot should result in the error code "418 I'm a teapot". The resulting entity body MAY be short and stout."

I can relate:

204 No Content

A common error code in our house

More after the fold

Read more of this post

Catwalk – Black Cat Crossing

Besides being a funny little tale, this is one of the best cut-paper animations I’ve come across in a long while. The sets are intricately drawn without being over-drawn or distracting.

‘Catwalk – Black Cat Crossing’ is a humorous animated short film that takes the viewer into a lovely and detailed designed comic city. There you’re going to witness a row of odd incidents that are obviously related to Matilda, a quite inconspicuous old lady (via)

Animation and concept by Dennis Beckstein, Patrick Kayser, Marian Sander, Manuel Ritter

The Elemental Chemistry Cat

Two of my favorite things, together; science humor and cats!

I, for one, welcome our Chemistry Cat overlords… has a bunch of ’em collected for our perusing pleasure and there are generators everywhere.

And this is a perfect excuse to post a great little animation of Tom Lehrer’s The Element Song. The man was brilliant and will have a digression of his own here one of these days soon.

‪How to Deactivate a Cat‬‏

I worked in a veterinary clinic as a teen and can attest that this works – to varying degrees. A hard-wired behavior that keeps them from squirming overmuch when mama cat carries them.

And no, I will not be trying this on Izzy. I mentioned it works better on some cats than others? Yeah, and you have to get the cat by the scruff in the first place. Iz would make me pay dearly…

Consider it an educational film…

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