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Next Flight Home

A short film about discovering the things that make life worth living. A pigeon meets a dove and faces the decision on whether or not to leave the life he has built for himself in favor of following his heart.

The bird models are great! What more can I say? A classic pigeon-meets-dove, pigeon-loses-dove, pigeon-finds-dove love story played by characters that make me giggle. (yes, giggle. i’m not too proud to admit it)

Created by Jake Wegesin, music by Jordan Ruiz

Ornithophobia – Emily Smith


Nest – Michael J. Ruocco

Going Green – Thiago S. Aranha

Whistleless – Siri Melchior

This little film is just plain sweet with a big slice of cute thrown in. A little bird goes in search of his whistle.

The film was made using thousands of potato prints which were then scanned in and used as textures for the animation. via

h/t Absorvente.

Birds on Paper – Paula Swisher

Birds on Paper is a series of drawings by Paula Swisher. While the title is technically correct, the ‘Paper’ part doesn’t fully describe the medium. The paper is the pages of textbooks, preferably ones with graphs.

We’ve all doodled in the margins, maybe even “enhanced” a picture, but Ms Swisher’s work takes it up a notch.

Reminiscent of natural history text illustrations, it feels appropriate, especially as the figure often takes cues from the page it’s drawn upon.

Paula Swisher is currently a professor of Communication Design at Kutztown University […] She enjoys straddling the two worlds of the creative and the technical. The hand-drawn mark, grid-based design, and info graphics are all things that keep her excited.


She has a few different collections and collaborations up at her website, but Birds is my favorite.

S is for Sparrow

Blue Ink Pen Implementation

Silhouette Juxtaposition

The Normal Cardinal

More of Paula Swisher’s work at

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