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HTTP Status Cats

You are reading this on a web page so the odds are near certain that you’ve seen a HTTP status page at some time of your browsing life. The dreaded “page not found” uh, page, is HTTP status 404. Basically, a HTTP status is a 3-digit number (depending on the error/info) that a web page ‘replies’ to requests from other web entities, which is often a web browser. There are probably a few hundred of them and we only actually see a few in our normal travels and travails on the intertubes.

It was inevitable that there would come a melding of cats and HTTP status codes. (is there anything a cat doesn’t make better?)

429 Too Many Requests

The following error is actually part of the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)

418 I Am a Teapot

"Any attempt to brew coffee with a teapot should result in the error code "418 I'm a teapot". The resulting entity body MAY be short and stout."

I can relate:

204 No Content

A common error code in our house

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