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Disciples of Funk

While I admit that only part of this day-late-bonus-FNMV is animated, in it’s defense, it is Bootsy, so the live action parts are closely related enough to qualify.

Bootsy Collins is a bassist and a veteran of both James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic. This tune is with Bootsy’s Rubber Band. I’ve always had a taste for heavy funk and he knew how to bring it. Drop some Johnny Guitar Watson and Ohio Players into the playlist and I’m set.

In 1976 Collins, Catfish, Waddy, Joel Johnson (1953-2018), Gary “Mudbone” Cooper, Robert Johnson and The Horny Horns formed Bootsy’s Rubber Band, a separate touring unit of Clinton’s P-Funk collective. The group recorded five albums together, the first three of which are often considered to be among the quintessential P-Funk recordings. via


Disciples Of Funk – Bootsy Collins

Your Saturday Rogue Video is one from the somewhat hidden Funk page here at The Ruffled Crow, so prepare thyself to Get Thee Down and Be Thee Funky.

I became a fan of Bootsy Collins back in his days with the P-Funk collective. Bootsy is the grand master of the mean and nasty funk groove – to this day, as far as I’m concerned. So while this video isn’t fully animated, it does have Bootsy in it and that’s pretty much the equivalent.

From Bootsy’s 1990 EP Jungle Bass.

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