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Dust Eater – Blackburner

Your Friday night (occasional) rogue music video is a dubsteperous biological overview of a viral infection. A lethal viral infection. Featuring a beating heart, red blood cells (erythrocytes, to be precise), an offending virus, and it’s unidentified cellular victim zero, Blackburner shows us the screaming nightmare of every Biologist and Virologist on the planet.

Another Turkey Dubstep

Happy Thanksgiving folks! Travel safely and enjoy your time with family and friends. Here in the Crow’s nest we’ll be enjoying smoked game hens (from the local smoke-house across the street) and watching a couple of the best of bad holiday cinema. First up Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead to be followed by the just released Thankskilling 3. (which is actually the second Thankskilling movie. not to worry, TK3 explains it all)

Find the first Turkey Dubstep here.

The Dubstep Animation Project – Matan Yaniv

A rather simple 3D animation, but it does have an interesting visual premise and a good tracklist; both on my ‘shiny things’ list.

This animation visually demonstrates how the bass [track] is being transformed and reacts from each certain genre-oriented dubstep track to another.

Dubstep Dispute – Jason Giles

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