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Time To Go – Oh Yeah Wow

A crochet quadropus finds he can change the color of things.

From an RC favorite Oh Yeah Wow and directed by Darcy Prendergast. Music by Wax Tailor feat Aloe Blacc.


Eyes Wide Open – Gotye

Gotye’s videos are becoming certain favorites around here and I’m pleased to bring you another one.


Directed by Brendan Cook at PictureDRIFT. Character design and animation by Darcy Prendergast at DeePee Studios (and oh yeah wow).

Easy Way Out – Gotye

This is the second Gotye video I’ve posted and I have a feeling it won’t be the last. They get top-notch animators that create imaginative videos that pair well with their songs. In a variation on the “small world syndrome” this is also the second video I’ve posted from the animators at Oh Yeah Wow. (Darcy Prendergast directing in this video) No doubt we’ll hear from OYW again too.

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