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The Missing Scarf

Gopher Broke – Blur Studio

Gay Marriage – Foamy the Squirrel

Spring and Fall for several years we had baby squirrels in a box atop the fridge and, while they did have piercing whistles, none of them sounded off quite like my favorite rantful squirrel, Foamy.

From iLL WiLL PreSS

And, sadly, Squirrelapalooza comes to a close. While we are certain to see Foamy here again, soon probably, it will take some time to track down enough animations to throw another Squirrelapalooza. I know you’re looking forward to it so much that I’ll be barraged with comments pleading for it’s quick return, but please be patient, it takes time to gather nuts…

Traumdeutung – Fellowland

Traumdeutung: German; Interpretation of dreams

Dreams, squirrels and videotapes. A man dreams of a squirrel and then – backed up by battery of machines – mounts an inquiry into the apparition of squirrels in other people’s dreams. Traumdeutung is an animation about the global reserve of dreams while crossing the border between documentary and surreal. via

Animation from Fellowland

(at least squirrelapalooza isn’t a dream, eh?)

A Squirrel’s Bravery – Vigorsol

The Squirrel and the Bird Feeder

The quest to build the better bird-feeder, that is, one that can’t be cleaned out by the squirrels, continues to escalate. Unfortunately for them, a squirrel’s persistence and resourcefulness are hard to defeat.

(you’re enjoying squirrelapalooza, aren’t you. i can tell…)

For Nuts and Glory – Scott Beard

Squirrels in my Pants – Phineas and Ferb

Pulp Squirrel Fiction – Evil Squirrel Theater

Welcome, folks, to the first (and perhaps only) Squirrelapalooza here at The Ruffled Crow! A weekend full imbued with a surfeit of animation featuring the bane of bird feeders everywhere; the squirrel. Why squirrels? Well that’s a long story…

(ok, maybe it won’t be chock full, possibly not even crammed or jam-packed, and i would certainly not use the term glutted. i might consider teeming, perhaps, but i think i really feel more comfortable with imbued with a surfeit although i now have to go back and edit it. sigh…)

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