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Romantic Bullet by Hardeep Khangura

Animation by Grim Animation Studio. I went looking specifically for Punjabi/Bhangra animated music videos this is one of only two animated music videos I could find. The other is a South Park-style ‘toon for Yaar Da Viah by Dalvinder Singh done by VisionVee.

I got turned on to Punjabi music a couple years ago while sifting through live youtube feeds (very) late one night. Speed Records has a live channel that streams new Punjabi music video hits 24/7 that I often switch over to after Aunt Bee has gone to bed.

There is something about the music that I just love: the sound of the instruments, the tonal inflections of the song, the energy, the rich wall-of-sound, maybe all of it. Last week, finally, I decided it was time I got to know what and who I like in the wide genre of Punjabi/Bhangra pop/dance music. A few artists’ names keep popping up and I’ll keep at it. Unfortunately the library doesn’t have much of a Punjabi music selection, so I’m pretty much stuck with youtube right now, but I’m just getting started so I’m sure I’ll find more as I go. Any artist or album suggestions are welcome!

Here’s a bonus: It’s not animation, but it is one of my favorite music videos. While I can’t understand the language, the story is clear (and fun). It appears that many Punjabi music videos are produced like a film – kind of like Michael Jackson’s Thriller video where there is a few minutes of lead-in story before the music starts up.

Enjoy, this is worth a watch!


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