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Frog – Christopher Conforti


In the 1930s, mafia gangs clash on the mean streets of New York. Teddy Toad and his band of frogs engage in a battle with the powerful rhino White Coal for the affections of the delicious Horny Lady. Between love and vengeance – music, immerse yourself in the ruthless world of Omerta, and break the Law of Silence.

It’s a fun little story, but where this short film really shines is the music! Swing, jazz, and blues tunes of the time meld together and give the animation a cohesion. The composer took riffs out of a great array of tunes and melded and played with them wonderfully. Look for the scene where the frog is stomping around angrily in mud puddles – you’ll hear a “Singing in the Rain” riff through there and see a bit of Gene Kelly, and that’s not the only spot you’ll recognize a classic.

Animated by Nicolas Loudot, Fabrice Fiteni, Gaspard Roche, and Arnaud Janvier of Rubika School of Design, Animation, Game, in France.

Music composed by Raphael Chambouvet.

Flip The Frog in Fiddlesticks

Flip the Frog was created by Ub Iwerks in 1930 and the cartoon Fiddlesticks was Flip’s debut. If the style looks and feels familiar it’s because Ub Iwerks was the creator of Mickey Mouse and set the tone for all early Disney animation.

Besides the pedigree, this animation itself was the first sound and color animation when it was released in August 1930.

h/t Miss Cellania

Hey – Eatliz

Frog – Christopher Conforti

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