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Technologic – Daft Punk

Computer Music

As readers of this blog know  I’ve eschewed cable tv in favor of online content. One of my main suppliers is and last week I came across a documentary called Reformat the Planet about the popularity and culture of “Chiptunes“. It’s a thoroughly entertaining look into the music and worth the watch.

Remember those songs and sound effects your Nintendo made? Use those sounds, and even the console itself, and make music. That pretty much kicked off the genre in the late 70’s.

While it won’t land on my regular playlist (often), it is well done stuff and is a pretty deep genre. For a quick listen:

Being an old computer geek most of my computer music has been the sound of the hardware. Who hasn’t drummed a beat along with the impact printer? Early scanners and floppy drives had great rhythm too. Someone got creative old school in this next video:

There is yet to be a version of Windows released that I truly liked (w2k wasn’t too bad, I guess…) but if nothing else, the sound files can be useful:

You don’t think I’d pass up even the flimsiest of excuses to drop a Daft Punk video in, do you?

Tron Legacy + Daft Punk = Derezzed

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