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Verbal – Amon Tobin

I’ve had Mr Tobin’s Out From Out Where album in my car for a few months now and I know this track well. I came across the video a few days ago, and as is my usual, I watched it with the sound off. I always do that first time through an animation, to get a ‘feel’ for the art of it, if that makes any sense.

It looked like a fairly mundane car chase, maybe even a machinima, three minutes of it. Uh, ok.

Second time through, this time with sound. I know the track and what to expect – and I was riveted for the entire three minutes twenty. The colors trailing over the cars, the occasional road hazard, the details were all in perfect synch to the music.

ISAM: Live – Amon Tobin

To continue with the theme of Projection Mapping this weekend we have a couple videos. (think of it as combining your regular sunday post with an unnamed rogue video post)

I came across Amon Tobin some time back while listening to the likes of Nero and Alien Project and now have a few of his albums. (one of them in my car cd-changer at the moment) When I came across these films while learning more about projection mapping I was blown away.

Along with the release of his ISAM album (Invented Sounds Applied to Music) came an incredible stage show that is as intricate, tight, and heavy as the music itself.

The first video is Mr Tobin’s show at Moogfest 2011 and the second is a short documentary about what goes into the ISAM: Live show.

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