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Furious by Wicked City

Another occasional unscheduled weekend music video!

I’ve been diving my way into Glitch Hop music over the last week or so. It’s an interesting genre that gets bits from Glitch which uses sounds from malfunctioning or maladjusted digital technology, bugs, crashes, system errors, hardware noise, CD skipping, and digital distortion, Chiptunes that uses the tones embedded in old computer, game console, and arcade sound chips, and the heavy bass and funk from Hip Hop.

Unfortunately, like Punjabi music, animated videos are hard to find and this one may be a rarity. Oh there are plenty of tracks with animated sound visualizations and anime backgrounds, but this is the closest I can find to a music video and it appears to be a (very well done) splice of clips from several anime shows. If you know of anything out there, let me know in the comments.

Whatever the video, this tune has got some seriously mean funk bones to it. It funketh, verily.

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