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The Butterfly Effect – Dan Sumich

My apologies on the rarity of posts over the last couple weeks. Much like the butterfly here, my recent back sprain set off a furious chain of events, both external and viciously internal, that really tossed me for a loop. While some things will continue to play out, they are the small things, the big monsters are dead and I am here for another day.

The film was written and directed by Dan Sumich and is a homage to the classic action films from the 1970s through to the 1990s, with a soundtrack by the legendary heavy metal vocalist Steve Grimmett. An ordinary looking guy wakes up one morning feeling the worse for wear and realizes he’s run out of milk. As he drags himself out of the house to go and buy some, an extraordinary sequence of events draws him into a journey of mayhem on the streets of San Francisco.

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