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R´ha – Kaleb Lechowski

This incredibly well done science-fiction short shows us a scene of the interrogation of a four-armed alien by a machine intelligence.

Kaleb Lechowski is in his first year at Berlin’s Mediadesign Hochschule — for now. It appears the film has caught the eye of movie execs and word is that the 22 year old will be on his way to Hollywood soon.

Future Fedoras – Detective Sci-Fi

Hard boiled detectives aren’t only found in the pulps and, by necessity or chance, can be found on many a planet in the science fiction galaxy or fantasy universe. The uniform changes slightly from gumshoe to gumshoe, but the quick patter, ability to take a punch, and cynical streak of unbendable morality is consistent, even if it is hundreds of years in the future or hundreds of light-years into the beyond. first detective I met in the pages of a science fiction book was probably R. Daneel Olivaw in The Caves of Steel. He isn’t quite cut from the shamus twill of the paperbacks – he’s just a self-aware robot trying to help solve a crime amidst and despite anti-robot sentiments – but he introduced me to the idea that a SF detective novel could be written.

It’s been said that mystery and science fiction genres couldn’t be blended because you would naturally have situations or weapons that the reader had no reference to. The locked room mystery would be solved in 2 pages by the introduction of the Variable-Depth Instant-On Micro-Singularity Generator, for example. Pretty much the same for fantasy, though that would probably entail the old Triggered Heart Crush Spell of the Ancient Djooneormihntz. Anyways, they can be melded, and well. I’ve met many private eyes in my sci-fi reading career and here are a few of my favorites. Read more of this post

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