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Dont Answer Me – Alan Parsons Project

Alan Parsons Project has been in my top 3 of bands since he came on the scene in the 1970’s. Formerly the sound engineer for Pink Floyd, Parsons hit my radar hard with his “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” album that interpreted several of Edgar Allen Poe‘s horror stories.

Over the weekend I came across an album I’d somehow missed; released in 2004 A Valid Path is variously rewrites, expands, and re-imagines of some of the APP classics and features artists such as David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd), Parsons’ son Jeremy Parsons, Crystal Method, Nortec Collective, and others. Eric Woolfson also shows up on the album even though this is considered a “solo” album and not part of Alan Parsons Project (an important point there).

Anyways, Don’t Answer Me is from the 1984’s Ammonia Avenue album and is done in a great 40’s style noir animation.

The Trial – Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Let’s start off the weekend right, shall we? (i said weekend, this is not safe for work at all. i mean it, nsfw. wait till you get home and actually start your weekend, ok? good)

Pink Floyd’s album The Wall, like The Who’s Tommy, pretty much defines what a ‘concept album’ is. In the film, animation director Gerald Scarfe gets a lot of time and uses it masterfully to reinforce the air of profane corruption.

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