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My Favourite Animal – Lara Lee

Father’s Day

Today is my 22nd Father’s Day and what a ride it’s turned out to be thusfar. Quite honestly I’m half surprised the kids still even talk to me let alone agree with me on that rare occasion. Perhaps Mark Twain’s words actually bear some truth on the matter; When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around.  But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.” I’d submit that the reverse holds the most truth in the overall scheme of life in general. Obvious, you say. Well… Yes, but this is my blog, so bite me… Read more of this post

Spreading the Wings Just a Bit Wider…

It’s been two weeks since Miz Liz, the older of our 2 youngsters, moved to the Rose City – Portland, Oregon. She actually left the nest last September, coincidently moving into the same apartment building I was living in when I met her mother.

Being a short bus ride away, or 10 minutes in the Caddy, was enough to assuage my wife’s worries easily. Her moving 4 hours down the motorway doesn’t contain much assuaginess for Aunt Bee however. We’ve got family in Portland, or rather Aunt Bee does, so there is a tad of assuagnicity going on, but clearly not enough. I mean, just to visit her young’un it’s 4 hours by train, or a bit less by Caddy. (Under my steerage, of course, as Aunt Bee does not deign to lower herself to operating a motor vehicle. With advanced degrees in both Pedestrianship and Passengerism as well as a Backseat Drivers License, she’s entitled. Besides, the Caddy is made for that drive)

Not conducive to a spur of the moment drop-by, one might say.

So, as she can’t stop by on a whim any more, Mohamed will go to the mountain – for a week. As I have to work, she’ll take the train down on Tuesday then I will drive down and pick her up over the following weekend. No problem, right?

Well… maybe a few small sticky wickets… Over the interim 4 days I fear I will starve before I can make the drive down, and if I don’t, I may be so addled by lack of food I could run off the road and over a cliff and die a horrible, fiery, (and definitely spectacular) death.

Aunt Bee was significantly less than impressed by this argument noting that I actually kept myself alive and somewhat fed before she met me lo those many years ago. And yes, I could probably remember how it is done, and no, I hadn’t destroyed that many brain cells in the interim nor do I have early-onset Alzheimer’s.

My further points were dealt with in much the same manner; Boredom? If, between books, television, and the internet, I got bored then I was one sorry human. Laundry? See the above argument about food, and don’t wash anything in hot. Cold in bed without her? There’s extra blankets in the closet and a hot water bottle under the bathroom sink. Starvation? We went over that, am I retarded?

Finally, in exasperation she pinned me to the chair with her most piercing ‘Stop While You Are Still Getting Some’ look. I took that opportunity to shut the hell up figuring that it might get me some.

Anyways, I guess the point is that it’s one thing to have a child living close by; within easy reach to rescue when their car breaks down or their computer lets out the magic smoke, it’s quite another for it to be a trip in and of itself just to visit.

I have a feeling that when Z spreads his wings I’ll be much less calm about it than Aunt Bee’s been.

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