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Everquest, The Battle of the Bands

I’ve been playing Everquest for almost 12 years now. These days I’m one of those casual players that puts in an hour or two an evening grouping with an old friend, although I did my time as a guild leader and sometimes raider years ago. Hopefully that explains why I love this short animation.

From what I understand, the backgrounds and character models were essentially ripped from the game, rather than doing a modded machinima video. Official EQ patches cause enough problems with the game so I can only imagine what kind of nightmare trying to mod a local server instance would be…

Anyways, it uses the old models (pre-Shadows of Luclin) and looks to be staged at the appropriate home city for the character races; Wood Elf in Kelethin, Dark Elf in Neriak, etc. At just over a minute, however, it’s way too short and I hope someone picks the project back up.

Virtual Anniversaries

An anniversary of sorts just passed. One of those no-card-made-for-it-and-never-will-be anniversaries; Stanton was born June 3, 2001 – 9 years ago.

Granted, Stanton is a toon I created in EverQuest, but I’ve played him pretty steadily those nine years and he’s still my primary character. He’s remained in the same guild as well. While that may engender an array of opinions in the world of MMORPGs, in the real world, not so much… Read more of this post

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