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Planet MJ and the changing MMORPG

I’ve played the online game Everquest for the last decade. EQ is what’s known as a MMORPG; Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Basically it’s a persistent world (it doesn’t reset when you log off) that supports thousands of players at a time.

Well, SEE Virtual Worlds is exceedingly thrilled to announce Planet Michael is set to spin up the end of 2011! A world where Michael Jackson is not only the King of Pop, but “the ruler of his own world of avatars”.

Now I wouldn’t be surprised if MJ did actually upload his consciousness into a computer prior to his untimely demise – I mean who hasn’t wanted to do that and as hard drives are now counting in Terabytes, with a large enough array there might actually be the space. (providing the ego part isn’t too terribly voluminous)

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Virtual Anniversaries

An anniversary of sorts just passed. One of those no-card-made-for-it-and-never-will-be anniversaries; Stanton was born June 3, 2001 – 9 years ago.

Granted, Stanton is a toon I created in EverQuest, but I’ve played him pretty steadily those nine years and he’s still my primary character. He’s remained in the same guild as well. While that may engender an array of opinions in the world of MMORPGs, in the real world, not so much… Read more of this post

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