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Yellow Submarine

It’s Friday of a particularly brain-melting week for me, so this FNMV is how I’d like to get my weekend underway. (pun intended)

Released in 1968, I think this film opened the door for animation; from children’s cartoons and trifles, into serious adult entertainment. Soon after we saw Fritz the Cat hit the screen, and the The Dirty Duck, Wizards, Heavy Metal, the list goes on.

One response to “Yellow Submarine

  1. batgurrl March 23, 2019 at 8:06 am

    Last nite in our Friday ritual of celebrating the work weeks end, I played this for us. What a huge flash from the past. The music was good but best of all was the gorgeous graphics. Reminded me of in the mid nineties a group of us hippies from Duvall went to the Moore Theater to see a trio of Beatles movies. We enjoyed Yellow sub as you should in those days.

    Then we came out hours later and found the debris of the Torchlight Parade. We thought our little city looked like the apocalypses has occurred. Laugh to this day about that night.

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