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Projection Mapping with deadmau5

I recently watched a deadmau5 concert. On Netflix, of course – as much as I’d like to attend a live show, my age and hair would make me stand out like a violin at a guitar festival. Besides, standing in the middle of a huge, jostling, crowd just isn’t a good time to me.

Anyways, what was notable, besides the most excellent tuneage, was the light show, or rather, the ‘projection mapping’. Basically, the idea is projecting video onto 3D objects such as buildings or stage sets.

While this is actually kind of an advertisement for a cellular phone, it’s an incredible, large scale, example of projection mapping.

Each of the 120 metre high building’s 800 windows were covered with vinyl as 16 powerful projectors, stationed 300 metres away on the other side of the river, beamed 3D images onto the structure.

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