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The Progress Bar – Guy Collins

I have installed software and OS’s more times than I care to count, both personally and professionally over the last thirty-some years. The ubiquitous progress bar has been much maligned, in my opinion, much like blaming your car’s speedometer when your engine runs badly.

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My Digital Evolution – Killing the Cable – Part 4

[Part 1 – the idea][part 2 – the software][part 3 – the hardware][part 5 – epilogue]

Part 4 – The Build

As builds go it was amazingly easy. I might even say it went swimmingly. Everything slammed in easy (except for the slight confusion when I used the wrong hard drive screws and tore a rubber grommet. fortunately the case came with an extra), powered right up and installed without a hitch. It was kinda creepy, really…

Inescapable Monty Python referenceI’ve built literally thousands of machines; both my own and for a local computer store, and the one thing I’ve never done was take pictures of it. I’d resolved to pictorially document this epic assembly, but when in the throes…. Well… Here is a picture of a Larch:

As noted in my last post (part 3), as HTPCs go it’s pretty standard hardware so if you need a pictorial walk-through on assembly you can find literally hundreds of posts, and even videos, that will help you hobble through the process. Read more of this post

My Digital Evolution – Killing the Cable – Part 2

[part 1 – the idea][part 3 – the hardware][part 4 – the build][part 5 – epilogue]

Part 2 – The Software

I’ve been evaluating the various software available to run my intended Home Theater PC (HTPC) for the last couple weeks on my current computer. It’s a gaming level machine so the video handling isn’t an issue, the main thing I wanted to know, however, was the useability of the various software packages and if they did what I wanted them to. My main criteria were:

  1. Is the learning curve shallow enough to pick up a remote and find what you want?
  2. Do they have the shows and movies me and my family want to watch?
  3. Are they updated regularly and often?
  4. Will it play my local DVD backups and (rather large) music collections?
  5. Is there online support and a forum community?
  6. Can I update it remotely?
  7. Will little things become annoying over time?
  8. Will it play 1080p in 5.1 sound?

Read more of this post

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