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The Apprentice (L’Apprenti) – Richard Condie

In this animated short from Richard Condie (who also animated The Big Snit, a classic itself), an old fool meets a young fool at a crossroads in the 14th century. The old fool stays behind while the young fool skips blindly down the wrong road. The old fool must then teach his young apprentice about the consequences of taking the wrong road. A quirky tale told without words.

(have i mentioned how much i love the national film board of canada?)

How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels

The Sand Castle (Le chateau de sable)

From the Big Bang to Tuesday Morning – Claude Cloutier

Being early Tuesday afternoon I think you can now consider yourself up to date

Propelled by Claude Cloutier’s signature drawing style and absurdist humour, this animated short offers an overview of the evolution of life on Earth from rock to human, with some surprising twists in between.

via The National Film Board of Canada (a most awesome institution)

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