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A Short Animated History of Goa

Goa is a very small state along the west coast of India with about one and a half million residents. Besides having a history that dates back 30,000 years, it is also the birthplace of Goa Trance, a music genre that shows up on my personal playlist quite often. (usually in the form of infected mushroom)

The animation is from the folks at the Animation and Art School Goa using drawings by the highly respected Goan cartoonist Mario Miranda.

The Chinese Opera Mask

We have told stories since our species could walk and talk. Passing along history, personal or tribal exploits, cautionary tales to our young, the art and performance of the story is a bulging lobe of human racial memory.

Some of the earliest performances were pretty much debriefings from successful hunts and ceremonies honoring gods or scaring away spirits. Props in the form of totems and masks were often fairly specific in who or what they represented and, over time, were refined and stylized as the ritual and story spread through a culture.

And this is where our story begins…

The red mask is Zhao Kuangyin. I haven't been able to positively identify the other three.

Ancient China’s way of scaring off evil spirits, warding off disease, and petitioning for godly blessings involved a patterned step called Nuo that developed sometime between the 1000 and 200 BCE. Over centuries Nuo evolved into a dance and eventually reached the stage. Camphor and Willow wood masks were an integral part of Nuo ritual. Read more of this post

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