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Best Friend

In a near future, a lonely man is addicted to a product called ‘’Best Friend” which offers him perfect virtual friends.

I was born at a time when phones had actual dials and mail required a stamp. (My imaginary friend says that I’m old. Being a mature being, I stuck my tongue out at them.) In that short space of time our technology has raced into realms I’d only read about in science fiction stories. In many cases, the stories were conservative in their estimations of the future and we’ve blown right past their predictions.

With the speed we’ve attained these new heights, we still have feet of clay when it comes to guarding ourselves from the often unintended consequences of new technology. It’s not that tech is the culprit, the issue lies with ourselves. As our civilization’s tools mature, so do we need to advance along with it. So far we’ve been lucky.

This film won the ‘Best Student Film’ at the 2019 Annie Awards, the animation equivalent of an Oscar. From Gobelins School of Images in Paris, France.

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