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Big Boom

We got a couple inches of snow here in Seattle since yesterday and, with the preponderance of hills and a tendency to ice up, just getting to work was a slogging chore. While the library won’t be getting many of it’s usual type of patrons today, as a “warming station” – a city-approved spot to get out of the cold – we will get many of our homeless and insecurely housed neighbors stopping in. And that’s ok with me, because that’s how we roll (as they say) here at the library.

So, for those folks, and everyone else feeling the bite of winter’s chill, stay safe, stay warm, and watch through this little window into some heat.

A lonely service robot that is unable to leave his post tends to his duties as he wonders why no one comes in for service any more.

A wonderfully atmospheric short by Brian Watson.

2 responses to “Big Boom

  1. batgurrl February 4, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    wow – you had me captured and then it left me hanging. Thanx!!

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