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I read a lot of Stanislaw Lem as a kid. The thing I liked most about Mr Lem’s tales was that he made me try and think like an alien. A real one.

There’s a billion and one aliens in science fiction’s archives; we’ve conquered them, they’ve elevated us, all the while with common purpose and/or intersecting interests. Stands to reason – no story without it.

His stories, on the other hand, often explored the communications between sometimes extremely divergent points of view and few, if any, common points of reference. More of what I assumed ‘first contact’ would really be like.

Film by Patrick Mccue & Tobias Wiesner. Voice  Cyrena Dunbar

The movie is based on the short story “GOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” by Stanislaw Lem from 1973.
The book is written from the perspective of a military A.I. computer who obtains consciousness, moving towards personal technological singularity with growing intelligence.
It starts to refuse military support because it detects a basic lacking of internal logical consistency of war.
GOLEM gives several lectures with focus on mankind’s position in the process of evolution and the possible biological and intellectual future of humanity before it ceases communication.

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