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The Music Animation Machine

A triple play of classical music animations to help start the week!

Stephen Malinowski has been animating music since 1985 when he began the Music Animation Machine project with an Atari 800 and some custom software. Over the years Mr Malinowski has upgraded his computers, refined and rewrote his software, and even wrote a Conductor program as well as an iPad app.

The last video of this post is a half-hour documentary made in 1996 about the Music Animation Machine.

Vivaldi, Winter, Four Seasons Allegro:

While they look quite different, the MAM videos share the concept of music-driven computer animation with Wayne Lytle’s work on Animusic.

Brahms, Piano Quartet in C minor, opus 60, first movement:

Find more at his Youtube channel, smalin.

Debussy, Arabesque #1, Piano Solo:

A documentary of Mr Malinowski and the MAM:

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