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Destino – Walt Disney and Salvador Dali

Destino (destiny) was storyboarded by Disney studio artist John Hench and artist Salvador Dalí for eight months during 1945 and 1946. World War II, however, had not been kind to Walt Disney Studios and it was in financial trouble. Considered not viable financially, production on the film was suspended indefinitely.

In 1999, Walt Disney‘s nephew Roy E. Disney, came across the old project while working on Fantasia 2000 and decided to complete it.

[Destino] follows the story of Chronos and the ill-fated love he has for a mortal female. The story continues as the female dances through surreal scenery inspired by Dalí’s paintings.

Music by the Mexican composer Armando Dominguez, sung by Dora Luz. Directed by Dominique Monfréy.

Shortlisted for the 2003 Oscar for Best Animated Short.

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