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A Triple Helping of Justice

I picked up the Justice album “Cross” a few years ago after hearing a snippet of the track Genesis on, of all places, NPR. Filler between stories on Morning Edition or some such. (I found Zero 7 and The Battles that way too)

Think of them as an exuberant Daft Punk (both are French duos) with emphasis on the ‘punk’ part.

When I went to put this little excursory post together it became clear right away that it just wasn’t going to be quite that easy. Generally it never is when it comes to my writing, but this just kept getting worse.

So to solve it, and embrace my inner divericator, here is a triple digression…

D.A.N.C.E. is the most known cut off the album and won Justice some awards, including best video, and it’s easy to see why. This is some of the most innovative animation I’ve seen in a long time. Watch this video with the sound off first time through.

DVNO is an excellent track and has animation that is strongly reminiscent of 1980’s animated typography.

Genesis is still, by far, my favorite track off the album; heavy techno with an edgy funk. It’s unfortunate that its the blandest of the videos I can find…

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