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Resurrection, is it a Good Thing?

The pressure has finally gotten to me, the head can’t hold any more. I have to start writing again. Simple replies to other’s posts and the mental gymnastics that go with just aren’t enough.

I go through this every few years where I have to dump thoughts and observations out of the brain pan and into the fire. Over the last few cycles (for want of a better term) it’s been driblets and snippets of larger ideas. As a result it just wasn’t very satisfying to the critical writer that lives in my head.

I don’t know exactly how this will work this time through the forest of my ideas, thoughts, and observations, I’m not terribly good as a blogger per se. Fortunately I don’t really care alot for obtaining a ‘following’ and I think I can get past any worry over consistant posting. (IE daily, mon/wed/fri, etc)

Having recently dragged myself out of the dark ages and into Facebook and Twitter, and experiencing the overload that they present my ludditine sensibilities I’ve decided that perhaps blogging may be that missing link between the BBS/phpBB days and whatever comes next for me. Let’s see, shall we?

In the coming days I’ll be poking, prodding, rearranging, and possibly even changing the name of the blog. I just don’t know yet. The only thing for certain is that some things will get posted because I don’t have any choice. I have to write just to get it out of my head.

Anyways…. Onward into the fog…

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